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~Anaya Associates Client Services~


Anaya Associates serves public and private, domestic and foreign corporations in their merger and acquisition activities. We assist buyers and sellers in all the steps necessary to begin and complete successful acquisitions, divestitures, or sales of their company. The services we provide depend upon the expertise and needs of the particular client. This may include initial acquisition target contact and introduction to potential buyers that are pre-qualified by Anaya Associates.


Similar to activities in investment banking, Anaya Associates gets involved, by necessity, with the buy side and the sell side of a transaction. Our principal activity is in researching an industry for a company that fits the criteria of specific buyers, contacting potential sellers, and arranging an initial meeting between serious sellers and our buying client.


In addition, we can arrange introductions to financing sources, to legal and accounting firms for counsel and due diligence, and to appraisers. We also assist in the establishment of new banking relationships, and provide any other services that may be necessary to conclude a deal in an ethical, professional and confidential manner.

When owners of business with sales of $10MM to $500MM and above decide to sell their company, it may be wise for them to look beyond their friendly neighborhood business broker if they do not have experience in nationwide marketing and public company contacts.


Confidentiality Protection

  • Buyers' and sellers' confidentiality is carefully guarded.

  • Buyers and sellers are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Sellers control the timetable for information releases.

Consulting Services

  • Managerial experience and know-how

  • Professional guidance

  • Business intermediary services

  • Initial acquisition target contacts

  • Referral to due diligence resources

  • Divestitures

  • Management-led buyouts

  • Employee-led buyouts

  • Arranging financing

  • Leveraged buyouts

Experienced to benefit you.

  • Sellers immediately connected to potential buyers

  • Control and non-control equity interest transactions

  • Obtaining funds for expansion

Customized Solutions

We have creative solutions.

Silence is golden.

  • Introduction to large international accounting firms

  • Due-diligence resources

  • Legal resources

  • Acquisition financing

  • Mezzanine financing

Connections to Resources

We can get you connected.

Clients and Contacts

  • Qualified buyers in the US and abroad

  • We represent buyers or sellers

  • Equity investors

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Financial buyers, strategic buyers, venture capital, banks

With answers for your issues.

Intermediary Services - Additional Information

One of the primary services we offer, particularly to our larger corporate and leveraged buyout clients, is our intermediary service. This activity consists of introducing acquisition candidates for our clients' consideration. Introductions take place only after Anaya Associates has made actual contact with the potential selling company's chairman, president, authorized representative, or major controlling stockholder, and after they have authorized us to introduce potential qualified buyers for the purpose of beginning exploratory discussions that could lead to the sale of their company.

Fees and Expenses

Our fees are generally "closed transaction contingent" fees. We look to the buyer to pay our fee, totally contingent on a closed transaction. No sale, no fee. If we are representing the seller on an exclusive basis, then the seller pays our fee. 

In those instances where a client specifically requests our attendance to represent them in meetings, there is a daily minimum fee charge. If our representation at such meetings results in a closed transaction, all fees paid will be credited against the percentage fees paid at closing.

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